Friday, February 26, 2010

Expectations for the WILPF Practicum

The first thing that Carrie Walker (last year's Practicum attendee also funded by the Transnational Feminism Kelly Fund Group) said about the Practicum is that it is exhausting but rewarding. Students' days are filled with attendance at multiple sessions, instruction in advocacy techniques, and making connections with many advocates. I am excited about the access this Practicum allows, and I hope to learn more about what is done at an international forum to advance the status of women. Attending this year is additionally exciting since many panels will be looking back at 15 years of Beijing in order to access its effects and determine where to go in the future. I am expecting an informative and invigorating experience that will find some indication of the successes and failures of Beijing, and point us in new directions to address the issues of women, both pre-existing and newly emerging.

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