Friday, February 26, 2010

Arrival Day in New York

Though I got in closer to 6pm than the original 10:45am scheduled, it was a good arrival and I have gotten settled in nicely. I did learn some important things, like a single refers not to a room on your own but your own bed rather than sharing the bed itself. This is just fine though because my roommates are FANTASTIC! I couldn't be happier with them! And pairing participants in this way makes it so much easier to ensure that everyone gets to really know new people while here rather than sequestering off. I also got to meet the other participants in the Practicum tonight over a fun dinner in our Practicum community/headquarters room. There are so many great women with fascinating and diverse research /advocacy agendas participating! I am really looking forward to hearing more of their research and getting to know them as well as network with other amazing persons at the UNCSW. The first full day begins tomorrow, and I will continue updates as time permits. I am excited to get the day started and to go get my UN pass since it will be first time there. The only other UN building I have been in has been the ICTR Outreach Center, which will undoubtedly be discussed at some point in this blog. For now, sleep well; I certainly will be after such a long day of travel!

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