Monday, March 1, 2010

Rwanda Summer Study Abroad Program

A couple of you have asked about the Rwanda Study Abroad Program. It is open to anyone, simply email Dr. Chantal Kalisa ( Click here for the Rwanda Summer Study Abroad Website, or click here for the Rwanda Summer Study Abroad PDF. Also, if you want to more from those of us who participated last year you can find us on Facebook at "Nebraska in Rwanda."

You can see a student-made video of the program by clicking on the following links:
15 Years - Part 1
15 Years - Part 2
15 Years - Part 3

The program, open to undergraduate and graduate students, is two-weeks long at the Interdisciplinary Genocide Studies Center in Kigali. During the program there are memorial visits, meetings with NGOs (many women's NGOs), lectures from a wide variety of interesting persons, and visits to other places in the country. There is also time to do your own research, and you can make the program reflect your own research interests. You can see pictures on my Facebook (for those who have friended me) or I believe there are also some on the Facebook site. The travel days this year will be June 29 and July 15, and the program will take place from July 1-15 . You are able to stay longer and arrange your travel to fit your own needs.

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