Friday, March 5, 2010

CSW - Day 5

Today we got a briefing from women with the New England Women's Forum talk with us. Later I attended the CSW Panel Commemorating 30 Years of CEDAW. This evening we also got to see the WILPF panel on women as peace-makers, featuring WILPF President Angie, a woman from the DRC, and a woman from Sudan. The Sudanese Ambassador to the UN also came. We finished the day with a farewell dinner. It was yet another good day! The Practicum is officially over tomorrow morning, but I am in town until Sunday afternoon so I will be attending some more panels and possibly doing my one touristy thing: seeing the Statue of Liberty. That is not guaranteed though because there are still many panels I am interested in so it may have to wait for my next trip to New York. Again, I shall have to leave you with another brief update. Perhaps tomorrow I will finally be able to elaborate more.

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