Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sarajevo - Day 9

Things have still been going pretty well here. I have made contact with some really interesting women's orgnaizations. Also, I have been finding some really great hole-in-the-wall restaurants. I went to the fancy mall yesterday since I had heard so much about it and it was really fancy. The food court had a stand that sold cup corn which was very much like elotes, but it had garlic and pepper added and didn't have the cream. I also found a place showing Stanley Cup playoffs while walking around the old town, so last night I watched some hockey while drinking a Sarajevsko beer ( I was also able to find an inexpensive duffel in which I can bring back the many books and materials given by different organizations visited. I did not think of that at all when I came up with the carry-on only strategy. Still, the bag was significantly cheaper than mailing the things would have been and it would have been really hard to lug all of it around in the airports.

Overall the trip has been going really well and I am LOVING my hostel! If anyone out there is planning on heading to Sarajevo, stay at the Hostel Ferhadija ( It is in the middle of the old town, the family that owns it is extremely friendly, and I have been getting amazing sleep! I cannot emphasize how great it is. With that said, I had better get up and get my day started. Only a week left here and so much to do, including potential trips to either Mostar, Zenica, or both.

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